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I dont tend to recommend many tours unless guests requests it since personally many visitors do not really need a tour and can do it on their own. However there are some tours that are unique since they are not common even to many Peruvians.

Turibus offers a tour of the fountains of Lima. The largest fountains in Latin America and provide a beautiful light show of the different regions of Peru. The highlight I think is after the the fountains their is a dinner show (buffet) that has typical dance and more interesting the show of the Caballos de Paso (the Peruvian Paso Horse). The fountains are unknown attraction to many visitors and the display of the caballos de Paso is difficult to find so this why I recommend it along with the comments of the guests that have gone. All comments excellent. The price is reasonable specially when considering the buffet. The whole tour of both lasts about 4 hours.

If you are interested you can contact me to make a reservation or more info. Payment is not necessary until the time the operator picks you up and you can cancel prior for any reason. Please feel free to contact me .

Jorge del Campo

Operations Manager Casa Falleri

Phone or whatsapp +51 984071101

Here is a brief history of the Perruvian Paso horse.

After the conquest and Spanish colonization, Perú gathered different horse breeds that with the passage of time began crossing between each other and evolving in the Peruvian geography; this gave birth to a new horse breed characterized by a beautiful pace, the Peruvian Paso Horse.

In its beginnings it was used as a working tool for plowing, harness and transport thanks to its great stability giving great comfort to the rider, Chalan (man) and Amazona (woman). It was later considered the world’s smoothest saddle horse.

Its way of walking in four beats gives the Peruvian Paso Horse a dancing sensation, turning it into a great exponent of culture and tradition that accompanies our Peruvian music.

Given its great and unique qualities, in 2000, the Peruvian State declared the Peruvian Paso Horse a “Nation’s Cultural Heritage” and in 2012 as flagship product.

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